Human Resource Partners



"Thank you. The Human Resources Assessment, and follow-up assistance, improved our procedures and processes. We are a better employer and a more efficient company as a result."

~ Scott Zenner, Operation Manager, Rescom

"Helped my confidence; gives me the knowledge to be prepared for customer question. the activities showed me how to use [the information] back on the job."

~ Participant, Product Knowledge Workshop

"I'm very thankful that we are given this type of training, and having the session provided on-site made it convenient for employees, supervision and directors."

~ Participant, Communication Workshop

"Instead of everyone just sitting around getting bored, you made the training session fun."

~ Participant, Customer Service Training

"Very well presented. I believe we will benefit from this individually and as a company."

~ Partipant, Teamwork Session

"The quality of planning and research were of tremendous help to me. It was a pleasure working with you on this project and I look forward to a continued working relationship."

~ Theresa Erickson, Northwestern Savings Bank

"This training gives me the tools to be an effective manager. Now all I have to do is put them to use."

~ Participant, Supervisory Training