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Below is an abbreviated version of the assessment tool that we use to help people understand and manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a rapidly changing workplace.

After submitting the answers to the questions, we will carefully review your responses free-of-charge and return results within two business days.

To begin, rank the phrases in each row from 1 to 4 to show how accurately this behavior describes you.

1 = very inaccurate
2 = somewhat inaccurate
3 = somewhat accurate
4 = very accurate

Type the number in the rectangle to the left of each phrase. Below is an example.

Decide quickly Start conversations easily
Willing to follow others Keep things in order
1 Decide quickly Start conversations easily
Willing to follow others Keep things in order
2 Like to take action Like to meet people
Let others lead Careful how I talk to others
3 Like things to move quickly fun to be with
Don't like to cause problems think things through
4 Want to be in charge think positively
understand other's feelings Want things to be exact
5 Quick to act Happy most of the time
Don't make demands on people Think ahead before I act
6 Will be the first to act Calm and easygoing
Have warm feelings for others Like to direct my own work
7 Want to make the rules Make new friends easily
Listen patiently to others Like to be precise
8 Act boldly Feel relaxed most of the time
Easy to get along with Pay attention to details
9 Act in a forceful way Enjoy myself
Arguments bother me Think things over carefully
10 Tend to tell others what to do Outgoing personality
Nice to other people Careful to say the right thing

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